As parents, we sometimes spend too much bending over backwards to try to get our little ones to eat something other than mac n cheese or chicken nuggets. Let me first say, there is no magic trick when it comes to getting a picky eater to suddenly start eating everything. These tips may help get you one step closer to getting your kids to try new foods:

Don’t Get Frustrated

Getting frustrated only makes things worse! When you get frustrated when your kids don’t eat what is in front of them, they become more resistant. Instead of getting upset over the situation, take a breather and remind yourself that it is normal for your kids to not be adventurous when it comes to food. Even as an adult, we all have that one food that we don’t like – brussel sprouts, liver, etc. Kids are no different, sometimes they don’t want to try something new just because and other times because they really don’t like it.

Add Flavor

Don’t be afraid to add flavor to any of the new food you place in front of your little one. Some of us make the mistake of thinking that bland is better. I don’t know about you, but I like my broccoli covered in cheese and my cauliflower dipped in ranch. Our kids are not all that different from us. Try to make it the way you like.

Tiny Portions

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Kids look at a mound of spinach as an impossible feat, but just a few tiny pieces maybe something they feel they can accomplish. A friend of mine used to just give her kids one piece of vegetable or fruit on their plate and then when they ate that one piece, they would get one more.

Use Food They Like To Compliment The New

I have tried this a few times and it has been pretty successful. For instance, I wanted to have my daughter try raisins and so I put peanut butter on a piece of toast and made a face using raisins on it. She thought it would funny and devoured the whole thing. Another mom I talked to said she would hide vegetables in pasta dishes since her kids loved pasts!

Give Options

This is one of my favorite tips to get your kids to try new foods. Go to the store and buy a silicone ice cube tray (some of them come in fun shapes, click here to see what I mean), or you can use a standard cupcake pan. Then you can take a variety of things to place into the tray for them to try. The fun tray and the variety of options makes it easier to get the little ones to try new things!

It can be tough to get kids to break away from what they like and what they know. The best advice I can give you is to stick with it and just know that this pickiness is normal. You’re doing a great job and it will get better!