Earth Day has been celebrated in the United States since the 70’s and it’s a day we should take time to talk with our kids about the environment and the small things we can do as a family to better our Earth. I have pulled a list of some fun activities that your whole family can do to celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Build a bird feeder. This is one pretty easy to do with the little ones. There are plenty of bird feeder options out there, but my favorite is the ice cream cone feeder. All you need is an ice cream cone, small bag of bird seed, peanut butter and a pipe cleaner.
    •      Take the cone and cut just the tip off (carefully so that the cone doesn’t break).
    •      Take the pipe cleaner and string it through the hole.
    •      Bend the pipe cleaner so that is can’t slip through the hole.
    •      Cover the cone in peanut butter (Note: please substitute the peanut butter if there are any allergies in your family)
    •      Place the bird seed in a shallow bowl and roll the cone around so that all the seeds get stuck on to the cone.
    •      Take the finished cone and hang it on a tree in the backyard.
  2. Have a car-free adventure. We are constantly rushing to work, school and sports games so taking some time to just get out of the care is nice. Take the kids on a walk or a bike ride. Getting out into nature is good for the soul and is good to bond with the whole family.
  3. Make seed bombs. These are something that will bring joy all season long. All you need is some scraps of construction paper, cup of water, parchment paper and a few packets of seeds.
    •     Make sure the scraps of paper are really small then place the pieces into the cup of water.
    •     Let them soak for 20 minutes, until they are completely saturated.
    •     After 20 minutes, let the kiddos take the wet paper and shred it.
    •     Take the wet paper and some of seeds from the packet and mold them into balls.
    •     Place the balls on parchment paper and let them dry.
    •     Once dry, dig a hole in the backyard and plant the seed bombs.

Earth Day might come but once a year, but we can keep the spirit of Earth Day alive all year long. Let us know what fun family activities you do to better our planet.