That big grin your child makes lights up the room and warms your heart, but did you know that those teeny tiny teeth inside their mouth could be causing them pain, if not taken care of properly?

According to World Health Organization, “Worldwide, 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities, often leading to pain and discomfort.” Tooth decay is preventable and just takes some effort from both parent and child.

We know that as a parent, there is only so much time in your day and some days it feels overwhelming to get everything done.  We wanted to provide you with some tips and tricks to ensure that getting your kiddos to take care of their teeth is less of a hassle.

Proper teeth brushing takes about two minutes so here are some creative ways to make that two minutes enjoyable and seamless:

  • Add some music to your child’s brushing routine so they can dance around, tap their feet and have fun while practicing proper dental hygiene. There are some apps that are made specifically for this type of activity, check out your App Store and search “teeth brushing timer” for the different options out there.
  • Bring your kids shopping for a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Allowing your child to pick out their own stuff will excite them, and they will take pride in using it.
  • Offer rewards for a job well done when it comes to brushing their teeth. Some parents choose to use stickers as rewards, while others have told us that they fill up a treasure box with knick-knacks and they let their kids pick out an item after a week of good brushing. “My daughter loves digging through the treasure box each week and she gets excited to see what she can get next week,” said Genie (mom of five year Abby). “I fill the box throughout the month so it stays full, but the items cost less than $5 so it is an easy and affordable way to keep them interested in dental hygiene.”



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