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Kids R Kids of McKinney and Frisco offers the best child care experience in the area.  Our schools are run by passionate people who are local to the area and who are committed to exceeding the expectations of our families.


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About Kids R Kids

Kids R Kids of McKinney and Kids R Kids of Frisco offer an exceptional child care experience that when compared to other daycare centers and childcare facilities in the area, it is easy to see the many differences in our approach, curriculum, and passion

Both of our child care locations in Collin County offer programs specifically designed around your child’s age and development level.

Infant Program

Available to children as young as 6 weeks old

The Kids ‘R’ Kids Infant Programs have been carefully designed to deliver safe, nurturing and stimulating environments with activities to help children achieve important milestones while having fun!

Toddler Program

Available to children starting at 12 months old

Toddlers have a ton of energy and our Toddler Program fills their days with challenging and engaging activities to build on previous knowledge and present them with new opportunities to grow.

Preschool Program

Available to children around 3 years old

Our Kids R Kids Preschool Programs provide children with the environment, nutrition, safety, and tools they need to keep their active minds growing and learning. We work on vocabulary, literacy skills, and social-emotional activities.

Before & After School Program

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

School agers can expect to have fun with friends before and after school. We have various activities and clubs they can take place in, along with homework helpers. Ask our staff about pick-up and drop-off at your child’s school.

Summer Camp

Junior & Senior Camps Available

We understand that kids need a safe, secure and fun place to go during the summer months. There’s no better place than at Kids R Kids where each week has a different theme, activities and field trips.


Why Choose
Kids R Kids

There are so many reasons why parents choose Kids R Kids for their child care needs. We pride ourselves in offering a nurturing, safe, secure and fun environment for children. Our staff loves what they do and families fall in love with the attention and care their child receives at our child care centers in McKinney and Frisco.

Kids R Kids offers a variety of features and advantages that set us apart from traditional childcares or daycares, and make us an industry leader in early childhood education.

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How Much We Care

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Our Child Care Locations

Find A Participating DFW Kids ‘R’ Kids Location Near You

Frisco Preston Vineyard

9155 Preston Vineyard Drive Frisco, TX, United States
Tel. 972-236-5699

McKinney Eldorado

2910 Eldorado Pkwy
McKinney, TX, United States
Tel. 1-972-521-8918

Click on a map point to find out more information on one of our DFW locations or, click Contact Us to schedule a tour today.

Kids R Kids – McKinney

2910 W Eldorado Pkwy
McKinney, TX 75070
972-737-7919 Tel

Kids R Kids – Preston Vineyard Frisco

9155 Preston Vineyard Drive
Frisco, TX
972.236.5699 Tel


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